TURKU: 1999Finncon 99

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These are the programme items that are held in English in Finncon 1999: (Additions and changes are possible.)

Saturday 14.8.

Guest of honour speech
Connie Willis (IX 12.00)
Philip Pullman's autograph session
(XI 13.00)
Connie Willis's autograph session
(XIII 14.00)
Philip Pullman's kaffeeklatsch
(cafe 15.00)
Star Wars fan gathering -- in Finnish, but you can probably find English-speaking fans here
(room 215 15.00-)
Finncons I vaguely remember... -- fan guest of honour speech
Ahrvid Engholm (IX 16.00)
Connie Willis question hour
Johanna Sinisalo (X 17.00)
Finncon party
(Assari 20.00-)

Sunnuntai 15.8.

The Path Through The Wood -- guest of honour speech
Philip Pullman (IX 12.00)
Connie Willis's kaffeeklatsch
(cafe 13.00)
Philip Pullman question hour
Ben Roimola (X 14.00)
Once Upon A Time In Fantasy -- how history relates to fantasy
Johanna Vainikainen, Jukka Halme, Jack oaT.; Sari Polvinen, MA; Connie Willis, Philip Pullman (IX 15.00)
Babylon 5 fan gathering -- English-speaking fans here for sure
(room 215 15.00-)
After Us the Future -- when does the future become reality?
Kimmo Lehtonen, author; Connie Willis, Philip Pullman, Jari Kaivo-oja (IX 17.00)

The Party

The official Finncon party & masquerade is held at Assari, very near the con site, on Saturday starting at 8 pm.

Admission is 20 marks, or 15 marks if you are in a (sci-fi) costume. You are welcome to the party even if you can't come to the con itself!.