TURKU: 1999Finncon 99

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Some of the more inexpensive accommodation alternatives in Turku are:

Youth Travel Information Point & Cafe

Address: Nuorisokeskus Palatsi, Eerikinkatu 7, Turku
Tel: +358 2 262 3129 or +358 2 251 5033

  • Open 24 hours, but you have to check in before ten o'clock in the evening.
  • For adults also.
  • Bed for a night costs 50 FIM (9 USD) with bed sheets or 40 FIM (7 USD) if you bring your own.
  • Separate rooms for men and women.
  • Internet connection, bike renting, shower, kitchen, TV room, snooker
  • Few places left (July 12) so reserve yours as soon as possible!

Turku City Hostel

Address: Linnankatu 39, Turku
Tel: +358 2 231 6578

  • Bed in the common room costs 60 FIM (11 USD) if you bring your own bed sheets, or 110 FIM (20 USD) including bed sheets and breakfast.
  • A room for four costs 70 FIM (13 USD) for each customer, or 120 FIM (22 USD) for each customer including bed sheets and breakfast.
  • If you have your own room, you can arrive whenever you wish. If you have a bed in the common room, you cannot enter after midnight. However, if there are enough Finncon participants, the hostel will organise a separate room for them. In this case, they can be more flexible about the time of arrival -- therefore, you should mention Finncon when you make a reservation.
  • There are only few vacancies left (July 12). Therefore you should act quickly!

Free lodging!

Finncon will organise free lodging for those who don't expect too much. The place is a building located at the Student Village of Turku. The place has a kitchen, but no shower (although there will be a shower and sauna available for a couple of hours on Sunday morning). You should bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and other necessary equipment. There is only a limited amount of space available, and so you should reserve a place in advance.

Reservations should be directed by e-mail to conitea@utu.fi or by telephone to Elsa Viljamaa, +358 50 366 6317 or to Tuomas Varvikko, +358 50 358 8824. Your reservation should include names and telephone numbers of all the visitors for whom you are making the reservation. If you have an e-mail address, please include that too.

More information can be obtained from the City of Turku Tourist Information:
Address: Aurakatu 4, Turku
Tel: +358 2 262 7444, Fax: +358 2 233 6488